'Another superb addition to his one-of-kind catalog.'

Metal Injection

'A beautiful and uplifting record.'


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Devin Townsend Podcast

Listen to Devin's latest podcast

Devin Townsend, in conjunction with Inside Out Music, has relaunched the Devin Townsend Podcast today, with a brand-new direction. The podcast will be available as both audio & visual versions, and you can listen to & watch the first episode, titled ‘Synesthesia’, below:


The Puzzle Boxset Unboxing by Devin

In this unboxing vid, Devin shows us The Puzzle boxset. Very limited quantities are still available from this very rare set. Last thing on Puzzle for this ‘Puzzle Week’…thanks for your attention this week if you watched. =) The Puzzle boxset is limited to 1000 copies worldwide and is currently

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Devin Townsend October update

Devin Townsend Update

First update of many. Sorry I’ve been absent. I’ll be doing these consistently, and I feel I’ll have to re-learn how to communicate publicly. Times have changed and so have I…last two years have provided a lot of ‘knots to untangle’. I’d also like to be really clear about something

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Devin Townsend Podcast relaunched

Hello, this is Dev, and I’m here to introduce you to the ‘Devin Townsend Podcast’ – a monthly series of observations about the process of writing and creating music, presented by Inside Out Music. This new version of the podcast will shift focus slightly and move on from simply talking

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