Devin Townsend Podcast- Ep 3: Tosin Abasi

Devin Townsend Podcast Episode 3: Tosin Abasi

For the third episode, (and second interview) of The Devin Townsend Podcast, I’m interviewing renowned guitarist Tosin Abasi about his creative process. I’m fascinated by what makes artists tick, and as I continue down the path of interviewing people (there are some great guests lined up!) I really enjoy getting insights into the minds of […]

Devin Townsend Podcast relaunched

Hello, this is Dev, and I’m here to introduce you to the ‘Devin Townsend Podcast’ – a monthly series of observations about the process of writing and creating music, presented by Inside Out Music. This new version of the podcast will shift focus slightly and move on from simply talking about my past records, and […]