Christeen + 4 Demos



Nowadays, when I record too much music for a single disk, it comes out in double disks or bonus editions etc, but at the time, (without a label or management to guide), I would put out the bonus songs as things like this, or the ‘Ass-Sordid’ stuff. Japan wanted to make a video for Christeen with a famous photographer that ultimately got edited by someone other than him and was a disaster. The inclusion of the video, however, seemed an appropriate excuse for me to put the additional songs into one place that existed in tandem with the Infinity sessions.

Some interesting stuff here, with the final song ‘Love Load’ causing quite a ruckus among friends and band mates as being a horrible statement. A statement that distanced myself from the things that actually defined Infinity in the beginning. (Selfishness over community)


2Om (Demo)6:18
3Sit In The Mountain (Demo)3:15
4Processional (Star Child Rise – Welcome Home – Metamorph – Infinite Waltz) (Demo)11:41
5Love-Load (Demo)5:01