October 1998

Infinity<br><small>October 1998</small>

I remember once I had finished Ocean Machine and City, the idea of duality became a big thing for me. I began to find myself fascinated by the concepts of ‘this and that’ and ‘yin and yang’ (or whatever metaphors supported that idea). I realized that the things that were motivating me were (in hindsight) a relatively common ‘coming-of-age’ type of artistic view. I found myself engaging in drugs and relationships that were unhealthy, yet playing into the whole metaphoric nature of that period to the point where my whole world resonated with a very deluded sense of self importance that ultimately had much invested in the music itself. I felt a very arrogantly gratifying sense of martyrdom in ‘sleeping on the studio floor’, feeling ‘persecuted’, and ultimately winding myself up to believe that what I was doing was of some sort of great significance. At the time it was very romantic, but in hindsight, it was very obviously engagement in chemicals and drugs that I was unfamiliar with. These experiences threw me into a psychological tailspin that resulted in a chaotic, dense, (at times glorious), but mostly very confused statement. It was done on ADAT in my friends basement, and the recording was unfortunately a self-imposed hellish mess. Again, hindsight is 20/20 and currently it’s much easier to recognize what is legitimate drama from artistic gratification. At the time, I believed it was the last record I would ever make. Strangely, I feel that about most records I’ve done. Ultimately, Infinity is one of the most important records I feel I’ve been involved with, and it was a rewarding time for my process.


1. “Truth” 3:58
2. “Christeen” Townsend, Ginger 3:41
3. “Bad Devil” 4:52
4. “War” 6:29
5. “Soul Driven” (“Soul Driven Cadillac”) 5:14
6. “Ants” 2:01
7. “Colonial Boy” (“Wild Colonial Boy”) 3:04
8. “Dynamics” (“Life Is All Dynamics”) 5:08
9. “Unity” 6:07
10. “Noisy Pink Bubbles” 5:22

Bonus Tracks

11. “Sister” (Live acoustic version) 2:15
12. “Hide Nowhere” (Live acoustic version) 5:03
13. “Man” (’96 Demo) 5:12