No Sleep till Bedtime – Live
June 1998

No Sleep till Bedtime – Live<br><small>June 1998</small>

On our first trip to Australia, we had such a good reception, that I convinced our front of house guy to record our Melbourne show onto ADAT. It was not a plan of the label or band, it was just a whim. I took the tapes home and re-recorded the shitty parts (a lot of it) and mixed it in my friend’s basement. At that time, I presented it to the label and asked if they wanted to put it out, and obviously they said yes. A fan in Australia did the artwork, and the project ended up as a ‘bonus’ for the label that I think turned out ok.


1. “Velvet Kevorkian” 2:42
2. “All Hail the New Flesh” 5:24
3. “Home Nucleonics” 2:24
4. “Oh My Fucking God” 3:40
5. “S.Y.L.” 4:53
6. “In the Rainy Season” 5:29
7. “Far Beyond Metal” 4:46
8. “Japan” 5:17
9. “Centipede” 7:55
10. “Home Nucleonics” (’96 demo) (Japanese bonus track)
11. “Hedrhoid” (Gunt demo) (Japanese bonus track)
12. “Detox” (’96 demo) (Japanese bonus track)
13. “AAA” (’96 demo) (Japanese bonus track)