I began to find myself in a place of reconciling the whole ‘City, Infinity, Physicist’ period in my mind, and through small amounts of touring with the SYL guys (playing all manner of my material), had a bit of an epiphany while on tour in Canada supporting a band called ‘The Smalls’.

It was a simple van tour, middle of summer, idyllic weather, and a new Fender Strat in my world. The songs for Terria (as well as the name) all kind of appeared on that tour and in that frame of mind. When I got home, I began to compile the experience in regards to the tour as well as the drama of the past few years and found myself taking psychiatric medication in order to keep my moods at bay. Unfortunately, I also used that as an excuse to smoke inhuman amounts of Marijuana and the result is this numb, tranquil, yet rather unhinged album.

Production wise, I did most of it in my basement. Gene helped me by playing drums on it, and a friend named Craig MacFarland played bass on it. I used a strange sort of heavy metal kick drum sound as well as a Strat with lots of effects, and at the time when Shaun and I mixed it, it sounded really great to me. Of course, these things age in relative degrees, and now it’s a little kitschy to be honest, but still a powerful thing for me that I was very proud of at the time. It was the first time I had worked with Travis Smith as well, and as a result it was the first album I was TRULY happy with the artwork.


3.“Earth Day”9:35
4.“Deep Peace”7:34
6.“Down and Under”3:43
7.“The Fluke”7:16
8.“Nobody’s Here”6:54
9.“Tiny Tears”9:12
11.“Humble” (Hidden track)5:30