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Devin Townsend The Puzzle / Snuggles

What is The Puzzle? The Puzzle is not meant to be an album. It is meant to be a musical and visual synopsis of the most messed up and stressed out period in my (our) recent history. 2020 and the Pandemic affected us all in one way or another and like many of us, I found myself isolated and having to find a way through the storm.

As I tried to write ‘songs’ at the start of the pandemic, I was constantly sidetracked by the abstract nature of the year. Following the path of least resistance is important to me as a musician, and it was soon apparent that this project (The Puzzle) wanted to come out. The process was convoluted and unique and the end result includes almost 50 of my friends and co workers. Through video chats and internet sharing, the music came together almost akin to a ‘slow motion jam session’ where people were encouraged to ‘do whatever they want’ to the pieces. This process created unique sounds, textures and challenges that ultimately represents to me like what this last year has felt like.

As an artist, I feel a responsibility not only to accurately and honestly represent my reality, (in whichever form it takes), but also to offer some sort of ‘solution’ that can bend the storm into something positive. And as much as this year has been supremely trying for all of us, it has also (unexpectedly) offered opportunities for self reflection that were simultaneously inescapable and yet ultimately productive. To hide from the fear, pain and anxiety was not possible… and even if it had been, it would have only postponed and elongated the process. The fastest way out is through, and perhaps sitting with the pain allowed me to deal with it in a way.
I wanted to represent this period through music and art, with my fiends via internet, in a way that helps. And because Puzzle is chaotic and dark (which is understandable) Snuggles was made in response to that. It was written to comfort people dealing with anxiety and trauma, and for me, it offered a solution to the anxiety I was feeling. ‘We are not our thoughts’ … its how we react to things we cant control that defines us in the end.

The Puzzle ultimately purged the chaos I was feeling and served a very practical purpose of ‘getting that out of the way’ so I may move forward and write songs without the nagging distractions of emotional turmoil that was not dealt with.

All these platitudes seem so trite, but I do feel some of them apply. We need to deal with this head on. We need to fight through it and come out stronger, but without ignoring how hard it has been. Please take care of yourself, thank you to everyone involved with this. I look foward to what comes next.

Lots of love, and in the words of a friend: ‘Take it easy… but take it’

Please be kind to each other



The Puzzle
1.Chromatic Ridge03:43
2.Life Is But A Dream03:29
3.Yucky Lung01:22
5.Shark In The Ice01:49
6.Devil In The Details00:58
7.Hammerhead Sugarplum03:47
8.Me And The Moon04:12
9.Anxiety in Pyjamas03:28
10.The Yugas03:01
11.Albert Hall03:58
13.Perfect Owl02:17
14.Maybe Over The Void02:56
15.Light Year Whale04:31
18.Southern Sky Geometry02:11
19.The Puzzle05:22
20.Monuments Of Glitch07:23
1.Beyond Measure
2.Blue Dot
3.Drifting And Dreaming
5.Minds Are Changing
6.The Ocean
7.Distant, Elegant
9.I Agree
11.Sunset Rump
12.The Option