ERAS Vinyl Collection Part III

“Eras – Vinyl Collection Part III” is here! After the tremendous success of the first two LP box sets, now comes box number 3. This one includes the albums “Accelerated Evolution” (2LP + etching), “Epicloud” (2LP), “Transcendence” (2LP + etching), “Sky Blue” (2LP) and “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” (2LP). All five albums come in Gatefold sleeves and of course on 180 g vinyl. “Sky Blue” and “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” have specifically been mastered for vinyl for this box to guarantee the best possible sound and listening experience. The five albums come in a sturdy box, which also includes an extensive LP-booklet with complete lyrics, liner notes and comments from Devin Townsend. As the two previously released box sets, “Eras – The Vinyl Collection Part III” is also worldwide limited to not more than 2500 copies. “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” is the second part of the live album “Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall” and has never been released on vinyl before.

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