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A podcast in which musician Devin Townsend rambles on about a bunch of things with a tendency to repeat certain words and say 'uhhh' a lot.
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Devin Townsend, in conjunction with Inside Out Music, has relaunched the Devin Townsend Podcast today, with a brand-new direction. The podcast will be available as both audio & visual versions, and you can listen to & watch the first episode, titled ‘Synesthesia’, below:

So here’s the first ‘episode’ of my podcast. Until I get a feel for it, I figured I’d just start by doing a series on the albums I’ve released…an overview and more in-depth analysis of each seems like a relatively easy way of figuring out the format. It may be a bit long-winded, but undoubtedly I’ll learn to tighten it up. This one is about Ocean Machine, so if you want to hear me waffle on in the background about that album while you’re going about your day…you’re in luck! Terria will be next, but I’ll probably get through all of them eventually, I’d think.



(0:00) – Intro
(1:07) – Quarantine
(4:14) – The ‘Noisescapes’ demo / Steve Vai
(12:26) – Starting from scratch / Label shopping
(19:56) – Landing a deal / Daniel Bergstrand
(25:18) – The Ocean Machine band / Rob Halford
(30:33) – Recording Ocean Machine
(33:20) – The Spanish studio
(39:34) – Assembling Ocean Machine
(42:21) – Releasing Ocean Machine
(47:16) – The aftermath
(48:13) – Looking back at Ocean Machine / Personnel
(53:40) – Seventh Wave
(56:19) – Life
(1:00:31) – Night
(1:03:06) – Hide Nowhere
(1:10:08) – Sister
(1:11:19) – 3 A.M.
(1:14:22) – Voices in the Fan
(1:22:31) – Greetings
(1:23:03) – Regulator
(1:28:31) – Funeral
(1:30:38) – Bastard
(1:36:27) – The Death of Music
(1:39:20) – Thing Beyond Things
(1:41:16) – Defining Ocean Machine / Closing thoughts

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