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DreamSonic 2023 Recap
Well, the Dreamsonic tour has come to an end, and where do I even begin?? Never did I expect to become good friends with Dream Theater as a band, but they and their crew turned out to be fantastic, generous, and down-to-earth people who were completely accommodating to me and my world. I’m incredibly grateful. Animals As Leaders were, and remain, some of the most thoughtful, talented, and humorous musicians Ive had the fortunate of playing with, and the band I have at the moment: Mike Keneally, Darby Todd, and James Leach, played the material effortlessly, precisely, and were socially professional and respectful of my idiosyncratic ways. I’m honored to play with them. Thank you to Paul, Mitch, Mike St Jean, Austin, Billy, Justin, Chris, and Darren for being such a great crew and to Northern Music and Inside Out Records for helping this music take root and grow. Although we lost Dave Cohen to a freak accident on this tour, I will forever remember our two-hour conversation about the nature of life and passing the night before and the feeling that he, of all of us, seemed so at peace with the concept. All my love to his family. I will now be finishing a few straggling tours and projects before I dig into what is potentially the most important period of my work. I appreciate the support and support while I write and record, and I can’t express my gratitude for the ability to do what I do strongly enough. Thank you. – Devin’

Video recorded and edited by Kate Gorbacheva
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