March 29, 2019


I have been ‘holding it up to the light’ for the whole process in hope that the effort and difficulty that went into this project ultimately helps people.


My career has spanned several decades and I have been trying to work through the phases that present themselves in order to learn more about myself. I knew that Empath was on the horizon several years back when I became restless in my musical world and began to feel a pull towards something uncompromising. I felt a need to confront a fear of myself on some level if I was ever going to be able to progress as an artist. The result is this album you hold in your hands, and it was a heck of an experience bringing to completion. It is not an easy listen, but I hope my reasons for doing it are clear. It was about taking it all apart and laying it out for myself to take stock of.

I needed to explore a lot of avenues, and it took me to some frightening places. By the end of the process though, the resolution that came from ‘going there’ proved to me that I had become capable of moving past it. 

The theme of Empath was always about going into that fear – the uncertainty of life and ‘middle age’ – then confronting it and coming out the other side of it with some sort of realization. Although life is not easy, it can be within us to rise to those occasions that are demanded of us and I wanted to write something that represented many angles of life with an overarching theme that ultimately is one of hope in uncertain times.

In a world that is more divided than ever, Empath was written in order to participate in all those emotions that bubbled up over the past two years without judging them or letting them define the process. I feel that when we do so, we are more able to understand how others, different from us, may feel. Empathy is a trait that seems to be equated to weakness in this day and age, when ultimately it is the one thing that could help us understand each other.

Music, in my opinion, does not come from us individually. Maybe it comes from a collective pool of human experience, and artists ultimately have the job of pulling that from the ether, filtered through our own trip, and then simply trying to do a good job in representing it?

Regardless, I’m proud to be able to play for you all and hope my work in a small way does justice to the inspiration from the infinite source. I am humbled by it. Thank you to the countless people who help and support me on this journey, there’s no conceivable way I could do my part of this without friends, family, co-workers and the audience. It means so much to be able to participate in this and I do not take it for granted. Thank you again.

My intention with representing this music is only to help and honour. I hope you enjoy this and hope you may find some catharsis here. Please take care of yourself and let’s stick around… we can do this. Don’t give up.

With all my love and light


Disc 1
3.Spirits Will Collide04:39
6.Hear Me06:30
10.Singularity: Adrift04:59
11.Singularity: I Am I03:29
12.Singularity: There Be Monsters04:37
13.Singularity: Curious Gods03:08
14.Singularity: Silicone Scientists02:55
15.Singularity: Here Comes The Sun!04:22
Disc 2
1.The Contrarian (Demo)05:43
2.King (Demo)05:29
3.The Waiting Kind (Demo)03:54
4.Empath (Demo)05:11
5.Methuselah (Demo)04:07
6.This Is Your Life (Demo)04:15
7.Gulag (Demo)05:38
8.Middle Aged Man (Demo)03:25
9.Total Collapse (Demo)05:41
10.Summer (Demo)06:15