Deconstruction Tab Book Sheet happens

Deconstruction Tab book

The official Deconstruction Tab Book is here! After brining you the tab book for ‘Empath’, the fine people Sheet Happens Publishing worked their magic together

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New PUCK HCKY merch

Hey hockey fans! New DEVIN TOWNSEND X PUCK HCKY Tank Top 🏒 Shop here:

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Devin Townsend

After a few exceptionally long years full of personal change and near manic levels of creative activity, Canadian musician Devin Townsend releases his follow up to 2019’s well received ‘Empath’ in the form of his new release: ‘Lightwork’.Assembled from a barrage of material written during the pandemic, ‘Lightwork’ (and its companion album of B-sides and demos; ’Nightwork’) represents Devin at this stage of his life, post pandemic, and his reflections on what he (and many of us) all gone through.For Lightwork, Devin decided to see what would happen if he included a producer (an experiment he has been excited to attempt for some time) to help guide this selection of material. He chose long-time friend GGGarth (Richardson) to help bring this idea to fruition, and through a difficult (but wonderful) process, the next Devin album have been delivered.The name ‘Lightwork’ represents the music, as well as the act of creating music, as a kind of ‘light in the dark’ while trying to navigate the seemingly endless challenges that life can often present. When things seem like there’s no way out’ or that a situation becomes seemingly insurmountable, the connection to music, family, and creativity became a light in the dark that ended up in this wonderful album.
Devin Townsend
Devin Townsend
Devin recently recorded a 'track by track' series for his latest studio album 'Lightwork'. We're releasing these one at a time followed by one last video telling you all about the creation of the bonus CD 'Nightwork'. This is part 2 highlighting the track "Lightworker"

Devin will soon start his European Lightwork Tour. Tickets and info found here:

Lightwork is out now and available in various formats. Orders yours here:
Devin Townsend
Devin recently recorded a 'track by track' series for his latest studio album 'Lightwork'. We're releasing these one at a time followed by one last video tel...
Devin Townsend
Devin Townsend
Haven't entered yet? The competition ends in two days....


Reply to this post with a picture of you holding your tickets to one of the upcoming European Lightwork Tour shows while dressed in your finest concert-going garb! The best pic gets a pretty sweet prize package namely:
- A meet 'n greet with Devin for two!
- A set of Devin's Signature Fluence Pickups by Fishman!
- A V7 microphone provided by Devin's friends at SE Electronics!
- Some merch swag provided by Kiesel Guitars (no idea what's in there but they said they'd send us some bits)
- And last but not least: a free t-shirt of choice from our merch booth.

Not bad, eh?

But you don't have any tickets yet, you say? No problem! You can get some right here:

The winner will be chosen on Friday, Feb 3rd! Remember; only pics showing tickets for the upcoming Euro tour are eligible as the prize can only be collected at one of the shows..,

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