September 9, 2014


Seems funny in hindsight that in order to write an album about ‘getting over myself’ I felt the need to write yet another album about myself. Rarely has a covert (and often blatant) narcissism not played into my creative process, but hey… I’m hoping there’s at least a few points for self awareness awarded? yay?

I guess an overriding theme lately has been that if you look hard enough into opposing sides of almost every argument and you see an element of truth. Nothing seems cut and dried, in religion, atheism, war on drugs, gun control etc there’s too many people with different bias and it’s all gone so far that there is no clear answers for anything. The result is a sort of stalemate and a lot of anger. I think that sort of played in the gestation of this album for me, trying to get through the paralysis and make some personal decisions that were right for me.

I had a dream recently about the discovery of two ‘ultimate particles’ …in this dream, they were linked, two variations of a similar thing (Coke and Pepsi, apples and oranges, dogs and cats etc…) yet through the discovery of these two particles, it was determined that anything was possible, time travel, space and dimensions folded, world tensions, everything… It was so simple and elegant and was there all along. It was like a paradigm shift that occurred on an event horizon of technology and spirit. It’s just a dream, but I liked that fantasy… Like turning two magnets set to the same polarity that for eons have been held together with force, the opposite way, so that not only was it obvious, but also complete as one. I like that thought in regards to any sort of argument with two sides, there’s elements of truth in each.

Transcendence was a project that started with a conscious intention on my part to step out of my comfort zone in order to progress. The music on this album (of which only a portion of what was written has shown up) was the best DTP style music I could do at this stage, and I think between my intention and the work of everyone involved in bringing it to life, it stands as a kind of archetype of what the DTP sound has been striving for IMO. Heavy, melodic, relatively simple, optimistic and modern sounding. Even if this style came to an end for me after this album, I think it would be a solid way to go out.


Disc 1
4.“Secret Sciences”7:28
8.“Offer Your Light”3:57
9.“From the Heart”8:23
10.“Transdermal Celebration” (Ween cover)8:26


Disc 2
2.“Celestial Signals” (demo)5:02
3.“Support the Cause” (demo)4:31
4.“Into the Sun” (demo)3:11
5.“Time Overload” (demo)4:00
6.“Lexus” (demo)5:14
7.“Farther On” (demo)2:51
8.“Victim” (demo)3:09
9.“Monkey Mind” (demo)3:52
10.“Canucklehead” (demo)2:09