Devin Townsend Update

First update of many. Sorry I’ve been absent.

I’ll be doing these consistently, and I feel I’ll have to re-learn how to communicate publicly. Times have changed and so have I…last two years have provided a lot of ‘knots to untangle’.

I’d also like to be really clear about something here as well: My relationship with my label, management, agent and the people who work with me is super important to me. No one has prevented me from doing anything…so I hate to think Im throwing people under the bus with my free form talking… These people have patiently supported me through thick and thin, and have provided opportunities for me that I would have never had without them, so when I feel the need to talk through my process, its with the awareness that it can come across as a ‘me against them’ type of deal when its really not. These are my allies and we’re on a team. I do absolutely feel the need to talk out the process from the heart, so I realize how that may come across. Therefore as I start to figure out this next phase, finding the right balance is my aim.

My ideas are such that I simply cant to do this on my own, and I’m about to start a new chapter that seems like it can be exceptionally cool, but also extraordinarily complicated to make a reality, so bear with me as I figure it out in real time.

Thanks for everything.

Talk next week =)




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